Screams, 2006

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Screams served as a platform for women to share their stories of  a world which  they feel doesn’t hear them. The project gave a voice to women who feel they are invisible to a society which no longer sees them as desirable. Screams archived the stories to make them accessible to other women,  giving power and a place to the storytellers so that they will never be forgotten.

The project was shown at the 2006 Philadelphia Fringe Festival at Bert & Jane Gallery. Developed, produced, performed, and recorded  a compilation of women’s and children’s personal audio stories. 

Viewers of live performers in a muted box were able to listen to audio stories wearing headphones.


“If poetic narrative flicks and tender performance pieces are any indication of what avant-activist Susan DiPronio can do, expect passion at a political premium with Screams. A short film and an interactive button-pushing session gives audiences an opportunity to see and hear women disappear — and it's no parlor trick.” —A.D. Amorosi